US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration: Workforce Opportunities for Rural Communities A Grant Initiative for the Appalachian and Delta Regions (FOA-ETA-22-13)

This announcement solicits applications for the WORC Initiative for grants serving the Appalachian and Delta regions.

The purpose of this program is to create economic mobility, address historic inequities for marginalized communities of color and other underserved and underrepresented communities and produce high-quality employment for workers in impacted ARC and DRA regions, enabling them to remain and thrive in these communities. The WORC Initiative is designed to address persistent economic distress by aligning community-led economic and workforce development strategies and activities to ensure long-term economic resilience and enable dislocated and other workers in the regions to succeed in current and future job opportunities.

Awards are between $150,000 and $1,500,000.

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Grants Plus Guide: Under pressure? Just pause.

Managing a grants program can be stressful, and too much stress can lead to burnout. When we feel under pressure, our impulse can be to push, but it’s important to pause. A few mindful moments can recharge us and transform our ability to meet challenges. When we feel under pressure, our impulse can be to…

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Staffing Transitions: Ask the Grant Makers

For an organization facing an executive director transition, it is crucial to manage the impact on the grant seeking program. What are the right steps to communicate the leadership change? We decided to consult the best possible resources: grant makers themselves! Read on for insights from four regional foundation leaders on mindfully maintaining strong relationships…

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Spotlight on Nonprofit Marketing
Q&A with Ceci Dadisman

Having a smart marketing practice in place for your organization can influence the success of your fundraising and grant seeking effort. To learn more, we talked to Ceci Dadisman, a national expert on nonprofit marketing and communications. Ceci is a celebrated speaker and trainer who travels the country to empower and inspire nonprofit leaders. Via…

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Three Tips for Getting Donations from Donor-Advised Funds

“How can we receive grants through donor-advised funds?” Savvy fund development professionals feel confident pursuing grants from traditional foundations but are less sure about maximizing funding from donor-advised funds (DAFs).  The donors who give through DAFs are often high-net-worth individuals with the propensity to volunteer and make major or planned gifts. That means that nonprofits risk…

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