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Successful Grant Seeking Starts with a Strategic Plan

In this robust but competitive grant seeking market, what will set some organizations apart? The answer lies not in the proposals themselves but in what precedes them: a thorough and thoughtful strategic plan....

Federal Grant Writing, Grant Prospect Research, Grant Writing Support, Partner Plan

Smart Budgeting for Grant Seeking and Long-Term Resilience

When fiscal year budgeting hits full swing, many nonprofits are faced with a common and complex challenge: how to best allocate their limited funds, not only for immediate needs but also for organizational sustainability. Traditionally, the conventional wisdom has steered...

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Grant Prospect Research

Building Your 2022 Funding Prospect List

As the summer heat subsides, don’t let your grants program cool down! The fall fundraising season is an important time to assess the performance of your grants program so far this year, including...

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Emergency Grant Seeking: Engaging Grant Makers in the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

Adapted from an article originally published by Grants Plus on Foundant The nonprofit sector is still struggling through the uncertainty and upheaval of the COVID-19 crisis. Social distancing and “shelter in place” decrees forced the cancelation of fundraising events and...

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Dos and Don’ts to Hit the Grants Bullseye

Every grant application has an opportunity cost: the time and effort to pursue this grant could have been spent elsewhere. This makes it crucial to focus your available time and effort on the most promising grant possibilities for your organization....

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Stop Writing + Start Dialing to Grow Your Grants Program

Building and maintaining relationships with funders is the most crucial role for the executive director in grant seeking. This starts by seeking a conversation with a grant maker well before submitting a grant proposal. A personal phone call is a...

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Donor Advised Funds and Other New Routes to Funding

If you’re relying only on a traditional methodology to get grants the chances are you might be missing out on funds for your nonprofit. Grant making is not untouched by influences that continuously transform philanthropy. Grant decision makers are becoming...

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Funder ROI: Sustainability After the Grant

Grant seekers often dread the sustainability section of a grant proposal that asks: “What is the plan to sustain the project or program after the grant?”   It can be challenging enough to shape the immediate plans and needs for the...

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Four Truths About Grants that Board (and Staff!) Members Should Know

“Just get a grant!” Have you heard this before from a board member or senior staff leader? This statement—though well-intentioned—often suggests that the speaker may misunderstand the grant seeking process and assume getting a grant is easier said than done....