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Putting a positive dent in the universe, one team member at a time

Passionate. Supportive. Flexible. Collaborative. These are just a few of the words our team members use to describe the Grants Plus culture.

From opportunities for remote work and flexible daily scheduling, to values centered on building trust and pushing each other to be the best, to fostering professional growth and always caring for our clients and communities, Grants Plus offers an uncommon culture of excellence.

Now, all it needs is you.

Open Positions

Grants Plus has operated as a flexible workplace since our founding in 2007. Over the years, we have honed leading-edge practices that foster our individual and company growth. Following are just some of the ways that our team experiences the Grants Plus workplace (click to expand):
  • Cross-team opportunities to review metrics, set and meet goals, and solve challenges in a fast-paced and iterative environment.
  • Shared expectations for using simple, direct, and respectful communication.
  • Family-friendly policies and flexible schedules that support our team members, 80% of whom are women, as empowered professionals, and whole people.
  • Staff-driven initiatives that continuously shape a dynamic and inclusive company culture.
  • Opportunities for coaching and mentoring from peers and leaders.
  • Company-sponsored professional development that challenges us to grow in our business sophistication and our skills as consultants and practitioners.
  • Technology that enables us to collaborate with clients and colleagues anywhere.

What our Colleagues are Saying

Business Team Table

Assistant Director

“From higher education and healthcare, to social service and community development, I love the opportunity to work with such a wide array of organizations. There is such great work impacting so many different aspects of life, and I get to work with so many different agencies from across the country. It’s a privilege to play a part in their success!”

Engagement Strategist

“I really value the opportunity to work with such incredible and inspiring professionals both at Grants Plus and our nonprofit partners. It is an honor to support so many amazing nonprofit organizations in moving their missions forward and doing the hard work to create a better world for all of us.”

Senior Advisor

“I love that part of my job is teaching others how to be great grant seekers. Every time we teach one person or a large group how to be better at getting grants, we’re multiplying our impact beyond what we can accomplish as a company.”


“I am passionate about positioning our clients for success. Whether it’s identifying a promising new funder, providing coaching on building relationships, or writing a compelling proposal, I am proud to support our amazing nonprofit partners as they work to create better outcomes for the people they serve.”