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A partner to push the edges of your grants potential

At Grants Plus, we “get” grants. We understand the complexities of the grant seeking process, we know how to interpret the giving trends and patterns of funders, and we have a proven history of empowering nonprofits to strategically grow their grant revenues.

Our Unique Approach

Some nonprofits outsource their grant needs, whether to a grant-writer-for-hire contractor or an in-house practitioner relegated to a lonely silo. In these scenarios, where grants are pushed to the sidelines, the results are transactional, at best.

At Grants Plus, we see grants differently. Not separated, but connected, to the organization’s core strategy. Not deadline-driven, but relationship-driven, and based on intentional connections with funders. Not diminishing, but abundant, in their returns, because the grant seeking effort is holistic and sustaining.

Our approach is to partner with nonprofit leaders, to understand their unique organizational context, to apply proven best practice, and help them take their grants seeking from the transactional to the transformational.

Rooted in Relationships

We believe that taking your grant funding to the highest level is about much more than writing grant proposals. It’s about creating connections and cultivating relationships on every front.

  • Our relationship with you… with us you’re gaining a partner who will form strategies to maximize opportunities and conquer hurdles.
  • Your relationship with us… we intentionally partner with organizations that effectively collaborate with us, follow through on their tasks timely and efficiently, and use direct and respectful communication to address obstacles and celebrate accomplishments.
  • Your relationship with funders… we’ll position you to forge meaningful connections directly with funders and help you strengthen those connections over time.

Supported by a Team

You’ll gain not just a single advisor, but a comprehensive team of seasoned professionals who will bring layers of expertise to troubleshoot challenges and optimize your results.

When you partner with Grants Plus, we’ll match your organization with a team that may comprise funder strategy experts, grant research specialists, and high-level grant writers. They will care genuinely about your experience and work thoughtfully on your behalf. This team approach produces better support for our clients, as we can flex our capacity to meet changing needs and allow our staff to specialize in the areas of grant seeking in which they are strongest.

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Based in Best Practice

Since our founding, we’ve developed standards of excellence for grant research, grant writing, and relational strategies that continue to set us apart from other providers. We continue to hone, evolve, and elevate these standards every day, in a way only Grants Plus can.

These standards are shaped by experts on our team to anticipate changes in the grant seeking sector and address the nuanced needs of our nonprofit clients.

Our Pledge and Promise

We never guarantee that every grant proposal we develop with our clients will be funded. But we can promise to deliver honest and knowledgeable service that helps you optimize your organization’s unique grant seeking context. Together in our partnership, we will strive to maximize your opportunities, conquer your hurdles, and reach the heights of your truest potential.