You have important work to do.
We help you win grants to make it happen.

We partner with nonprofit organizations as their trusted advisors to find grant opportunities, guide funder relationship building strategies, write compelling grant proposals, and make long-term grants gains.

Let us be your full-service grants team. When we partner together over time, we will steadily search for funding opportunities, support you to gain relationship traction with funders, and write and submit a pipeline of grant proposals and reports. After one year of partnering with Grants Plus, our Partner Plan clients experience an average return of 500% on their investment in our services. 

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Since our founding in 2007, our team has helped organizations raise over $300 million in grant funding. We have written thousands of successful grant proposals and advised hundreds of organizations to build stronger relationships with funders. Our services are geared to the needs of experienced, established nonprofit organizations ready to take their grant seeking to a more strategic level.

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Famicos Foundation is a nonprofit community development corporation that has counted on Grants Plus since 2017 to pursue funding from private and public funding sources. Our partnership has resulted in nearly $3 million in grant awards, including $800,000 for neighborhood revitalization from a community foundation and $288,000 in federal funds from the USDA for an urban agriculture project—the latter one of just 23 awards made out of 578 applicants across the country.

The momentum we’ve gained is putting the organization’s ultimate grants goals within reach. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve strengthened the compelling case that Famicos makes to funders that their services are more urgent, important, and deserving of funding than ever before. As a result, Famicos has achieved a 776% return on their investment in our services in the last year alone, with $2 million in funding requests still pending a decision.

After four years of working with Grants Plus, we have bolstered relationships, making it possible for us to generate sufficient revenues to cover operations, and are receiving grants from many of the funders in town. Now we are ready to work together to aim even higher, and compete for major grants from regional and national funders.

John Anoliefo, Executive Director, Famicos Foundation

When we partner with an organization, our team becomes their team.

We've designed our services to suit the needs of established organizations that meet the following criteria:


Have been operating for at least three years with status as a 501(c)(3) or other grant-eligible entity.


Can demonstrate a financial audit and an organizational budget of $1 million or more.


Are headquartered and providing programs and services in the U.S.

We’ve always had an onsite grant writer, but this has given us an opportunity to do things differently. By outsourcing to Grants Plus, we are getting higher quality grant writing, research, and strategy. It’s proving to be successful and also to be a more efficient and effective use of resources.

Mary Grace Herrington, Chief Advancement Officer


Our approach to grant seeking is ambitious, strategic, and relationship-based. Are you Grants Plus ready?