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Rely on us to pinpoint and prioritize your best funding prospects

Focusing time and effort on the wrong funders can be costly—both by draining limited resources and missing out on revenue. Winning grants begins by focusing on the right funders for your organization, which are those most likely to say yes to your grant proposals.

In just a few months, we will make the most of your investment in your grants program by evaluating the funding landscape with your priorities in mind and producing a game plan of the grant opportunities you’re best positioned to win.

    A Proven Approach

    We identify your organization’s strongest grant funding prospects by searching a variety of grant research tools and databases, as well as applying our own discretion and experience to interpret funders’ grant making behaviors.

    • We listen and understand your organization’s key programs and funding needs, in order to hone the most grant fundable areas to target in our research.
    • We assess your organization’s recent and existing funders, reviewing their giving patterns so we can suggest opportunities to request larger amounts.
    • We identify new funding prospects by examining a broad array of funders according to criteria that is customized for your organization’s unique context.
    • We deliver thorough recommendations, including a forecast of your organization’s grant revenue potential and an action plan for pursuing the funders we’ve identified for you.

The Grants Plus Difference

By investing in Grant Prospect Research, you set up your organization for exponential grant funding gains. Our team will deliver detailed recommendations about each funder, including who are the decision makers, why is there potential for a strong match, what organizations they have funded in the past, when is the best time to approach, and how much is an appropriate ask.



My Project USA

With a mission of supporting and empowering immigrant and refugee youth, MY Project USA needed to expand its reach and capacity in the wake of the COVID pandemic. They reached out to Grants Plus, which identified more than 20 grant funders whose priorities matched the MY Project USA vision. In the spring of 2022, the organization received $1.2 million to transform its youth programming, effectively tripling its impact. To date, the partnership has resulted in $2.5 million in grant awards.