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Let’s reach your grants goals faster, together

You know there’s an abundance of grant funding out there. You’ve applied for grants and perhaps won some funding. But you’re ready to take a more strategic, proactive approach that yields more funding success.

By joining with Grants Plus in a Partner Plan, you’ll gain a team of experts who will guide your grant seeking strategy, coach you on best practices, craft compelling grant proposals, help you build relationships with key funders, and grow your grant revenues over time.

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A Proven Approach

Our Partner Plan clients count on us month after month, year after year, to gain better traction with grant makers by taking the right steps, at the right times, with the funders most likely to say “yes” to funding.

In our first year of partnering together in a Partner Plan:

  • We prioritize the grant funders best aligned to your mission and devise strategies to help you forge connections and open new doors.
  • We craft compelling grant proposals that are more likely to be funded because they are tailored carefully to each funder’s unique preferences and requirements.
  • We advise your team to maximize funding opportunities, chart our wins and learn from our losses, and help you grow and sustain fruitful relationships with funders over time.

After two years, Partner Plan clients experience an average return on investment of 867%.

The Grants Plus Difference

We can’t guarantee that every grant maker will say yes to funding your organization. But we can promise that you will gain the confidence and peace of mind that comes in knowing you are doing everything you should to optimize your organization’s unique grants potential.

Our Partner Plan Clients

Just as you will be discerning to select an outside provider, we too are thoughtful about the organizations we join with in a Partner Plan. Our Partner Plan model is best suited to established organizations with annual budgets of at least $2 million, based in the United States, that have been operating for at least three years.

We seek to partner with nonprofit executive directors and development directors who share our values and will commit to:

  • Collaborate with us in ways that maximize our mutual performance and outcomes.
  • Engage proactively in communicating and building relationships with their funders and prospects.
  • Follow-through with information and feedback in a timely, efficient, and reliable way.
  • Use direct and respectful communication to address obstacles that hamper our shared success.
  • Celebrate our accomplishments and learn from our disappointments.
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Blossom Hill

Since 1968, Blossom Hill has been providing loving homes and personalized care to adults with developmental disabilities. When their CEO realized the need to increase grant revenues without an in-house staff, they partnered with Grants Plus to help broaden their funder base and build new, longer lasting funder connections. Within two years of the partnership, Blossom Hill has cultivated new relationships with funders and achieved nearly $400,000 in grant funding. The partnership has also positioned Blossom Hill to gain more visibility and develop new funding opportunities heading into the future.