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Expert perspectives to help you meet and exceed your grants goals

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How to Win Grants: Five Steps for Successful Grant Seeking for Nonprofits

How can nonprofits strategically position themselves to thrive in today’s fast-paced funding landscape? 



Expert Tips for Winning Your Next Federal Grant

Successfully competing for federal grants is about more than following the application instructions. The formal Request for Proposals (RFP) usually tells only part of the story. Savvy federal grant seekers know to seek out the broader context about a federal...

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Should Your Nonprofit Go for a Government Grant?

NEW: Guide to Emergency Federal Grants During Crisis The CARES Act passed in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak has designated billions of dollars to federal agencies to be made quickly available in the form of competitive grants to organizations...

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Open the Door to “Invitation Only” Grant Funders

Is the door closed to a proposal? Don’t be discouraged! Build a strategy to open the door.  When you throw a party, you don’t open it up to the public. Instead you invite those with whom you share a connection,...

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Spotlight on Nonprofit Marketing
Q&A with Ceci Dadisman

Having a smart marketing practice in place for your organization can influence the success of your fundraising and grant seeking effort. To learn more, we talked to Ceci Dadisman, a national expert on nonprofit marketing and communications. Ceci is a...

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How to Find Grant Opportunities Your Nonprofit Can Win

“There must be more grant funding out there for my organization!” It’s a frequent feeling among nonprofit leaders: the gnawing anxiety that they are missing out on grants. Fortunately, there’s a cure. Following is our prescription to ensure your grants...

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Three Tips for Getting Donations from Donor-Advised Funds

“How can we receive grants through donor-advised funds?” Savvy fund development professionals feel confident pursuing grants from traditional foundations but are less sure about maximizing funding from donor-advised funds (DAFs).  The donors who give through DAFs are often high-net-worth individuals...

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Top Reasons Grant Proposals are Rejected (and How to Improve Your Odds)

Grant seeking is highly competitive. Especially when approaching a foundation or seeking support for a new program for the first time, the chances of being declined are far better than the likelihood of being funded. Following are the chief reasons...

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Restoring Trust with Grant Funders

If a grant funder has trust in an organization and its leaders, they are more likely to give a grant—and later to give again. But sometimes things happen that can shake a funder’s trust. In these situations, it’s important to...

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Abracadabra: 10 Steps to Grants Magic

Winning a big grant can almost feel like magic: a major award can capture attention, summon other support, and even transform an organization or community. What’s the trick to conjuring such success? No tricks at all—just the powerful alchemy of...

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Grant Seeking Teamwork Toward Success, Satisfaction, and Sustainability

Too often, grant seeking is assumed to be the work of a single writer laboring behind a keyboard. But there’s much more to winning a grant than the solitary work of writing the application. Succeeding in all the stages of...

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Congressional Earmarks: An Update for Nonprofits as of February 20, 2019

Are Congressional earmarks coming back? To better understand, Grants Plus hosted an informational forum featuring Lee Weingart, President of LNE Group, who gave the following advice to nonprofits who could stand to gain millions of dollars in earmarked funds for...

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Stop Writing + Start Dialing to Grow Your Grants Program

Building and maintaining relationships with funders is the most crucial role for the executive director in grant seeking. This starts by seeking a conversation with a grant maker well before submitting a grant proposal. A personal phone call is a...