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Woman with Disability and Her Carer

Blossom Hill

Providing loving homes and personalized care to adults with developmental disabilities.


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The Mission

Since 1968, Blossom Hill has been enhancing the daily lives of adults with disabilities and their families by providing loving, personalized care in a variety of forms. The 100 compassionate professionals at Blossom Hill offer residential, respite, and supported living services, as well as nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and SLP therapy, among other services.

The Challenge

In the summer of 2020, Blossom Hill’s newly appointed CEO realized the need to increase grant revenues. At the same time, Blossom Hill lacked the in-house staff and resources necessary to achieve this goal. The organization enlisted Grants Plus as its partner to help broaden their funder base and build new, longer lasting funder connections.

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The Journey

Grants Plus immediately began with grant prospect research to review Blossom Hill’s existing funders and identify new funders and funding opportunities. After evaluating all of the possibilities, Grants Plus identified and recommended 40 funders as strong prospects. In the following months, Blossom Hill also benefitted from coaching and support from Grants Plus on forging relationships with funders.

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The Results

The Grants Plus team crafted and submitted grant applications to existing and new funders, a strategic approach that paid off. Within two years of the partnership, Blossom Hill has cultivated new relationships with funders and achieved over $400,000 in grant funding. The partnership has also positioned Blossom Hill to gain more visibility and develop new funding opportunities heading into the future.

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“Blossom Hill could have never identified these potential funding partners without Grants Plus.”

Lisa Kristosik
RN, MSN, CEO of Blossom Hill

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Woman with Disability and Her Carer

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Blossom Hill

Providing loving homes and personalized care to adults with developmental disabilities. ...