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Bridge the Gap: Protect the Grants Program During a Staffing Transition

A solid grants program is built on consistent attention to funding opportunities and relationships. So what happens when the grants manager leaves? Use this checklist to prepare for an unexpected staffing change by taking key steps before, during, and after...

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Making a Connection with the First Call

You’re phoning a prospective funder. How can you increase the odds of getting a grant? The key is establishing a relationship with a funder before you ever submit. This relationship often begins over the phone. How you handle the first...

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Boosting Donor & Funder Relationships

Fundraising is the noble act of inviting someone to act on his or her values. Donating to a nonprofit gives people a chance to be involved in a cause they care about. Who better to extend an invitation than members...

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Finding grant opportunities you can win

Focus on the grant opportunities you stand the best chance to win. Every grant opportunity comes with a cost of time and resources to cultivate the funder and prepare the grant application. For this reason, it’s important to carefully read...

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Factors to Consider When Deciding to Go (or Not Go) for a Grant Opportunity

YOUR GO-TO GUIDE FOR Making a Connection with the First Call Factors to Consider When Deciding to Go (or Not Go) for a Grant Opportunity....