Let's find your grant funders.

Through our comprehensive grant prospect research process, our team of experts will identify and recommend all the most likely grant funding opportunities for your organization. With our Funding Scan complete, you'll be ready to start hitting the grants bullseye instead of just throwing darts.

The Funding Scan will provide you with a strategic grants game plan that includes:

FS Report
  • A ranked summary of the organization's most promising private, corporate, and government grant funders.
  • Our assessment of your current funders, including where you may have the potential for larger grants.
  • Contact details including a list of the board of trustees for each foundation.
  • A recommended ask amount or range for each funder based on their past awards to similar organizations.
  • Customized action steps for pursuing each grant opportunity, including when and how to apply.
  • A listing of funding opportunities we disqualified and why, so you don't waste time chasing unlikely funders.
  • Overall observations about your organization’s grant seeking potential based on our findings. 
  • A quick start calendar of the most actionable funding opportunities in the next year.

The Grants Plus Funding Scan is an actionable game plan that can guide your grant seeking efforts for multiple years.

An inside look at our proven process:

Kicking off:

We will start by learning from you about your priority funding needs and your recent awards and declines. This assessment will enable us to design a customized research plan to uncover the best funders for you. 

fs graphic 4

Discover your funders:

We will cast a wide net to find potential funders, using tax filings, funder publications, paid databases, and our team’s collective knowledge. Within a few weeks we will share a preview of our early findings and observations.

fs graphic 3

Deliver your results:

At the end of our research process we'll deliver a comprehensive report that includes our expert observations and insights about your grant seeking potential, as well as detailed findings about specific funding opportunities. As a result of our recommendations, you will have a complete look at the funders you should approach, when, and for what purposes.

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What will be possible with a Grants Plus Funding Scan?

With the Funding Scan in hand, your team will be able to immediately activate our recommendations and move confidently to pursue grant opportunities in an optimized and strategic order.


We explain the rationale behind why we've identified each funder as a prospect for your organization, including mission fit, granting capacity, and other matching factors.


You'll know who makes the funding decisions as well as which organizations a grant maker has funded before. We will provide a board list for each funder and a sample list of past grants.


Success comes by building relationships with funders over time. You'll have a calendar of top-priority grant deadlines so you can plan which funders to pursue when.


We are experts at deciphering the grant making history of funders to predict what they may fund in the future. We will determine a precise ask amount that is appropriate for each funder.


We will describe in detail how we arrived at our results, so you can be confident that our research process was thorough and strategic.

The Funding Scan has been a tremendous tool. It was enlightening to see and understand all of our funding opportunities in one place. I never could have managed to pull this all together myself. Best of all, it immediately returned its value. We acquired a new general operating funder, which are the hardest to find. This new grant alone covered our investment. I am so glad Grants Plus was able to set us up for success!

Tara Turner, Interim Chief Advancement Officer



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