Hiring a Grants Consultant: FAQ & Qualities to Look For

Hiring a grants consultant? Here's what to look for.

Outsourcing the time-consuming work of grant writing to a grant writing consultant can be a wise investment. That’s because the most valuable place for your leadership team and development staff is not behind a desk, but in front of funders to cultivate relationships. Plus, an external grant writer can provide dedicated focus to propel a…

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25 Top Fundraising Consultants: Standout Firms for Any Need

Explore Grants Plus’s comprehensive list of top fundraising consultants and fundraising consulting firms.

How can your organization more quickly and confidently reach its fundraising goals? By enlisting an experienced fundraising consultant or fundraising consultant firm who can guide your team to pursue new approaches and winning fundraising strategies. What’s key is choosing a consultant who has a proven track record and specialized expertise to fill your organization’s most…

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Nonprofit Grant Writing: How to Secure Grants for Your Cause

n this guide, learn the fundamentals of nonprofit grant writing.

Grant funding is crucial to the survival and success of most nonprofits. But the process of capturing grant funding can be highly competitive. It’s especially difficult when a grant writer requests support for a new program or organization for the first time. Part of what makes grant writing so challenging is that typically every funder…

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Building Your 2022 Funding Prospect List

As the summer heat subsides, don’t let your grants program cool down! The fall fundraising season is an important time to assess the performance of your grants program so far this year, including:   How many of your past grant funders repeated their giving in 2021?  How many qualified new grant funding opportunities did you find and pursue?  How many of the grant proposals you submitted were…

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Finding Emergency Grants During Crisis: Tips for New Grant Seekers

Adapted from an original article published by Grants Plus on Foundant Amidst an emergency like the COVID-19 crisis, we advise nonprofit organizations to contact their existing grant funders as soon as possible. But what if your organization does not have current grant funders? Perhaps you’ve received grants in the past but aren’t currently managing any…

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