Finding New Grants During Crisis: Tips for First-Time Grant Seekers

Originally published on Foundant Amidst an emergency like the COVID-19 crisis, we advise nonprofit organizations to contact their existing grant funders as soon as possible. But what if your organization does not have current grant funders? Perhaps you’ve received grants in the past but aren’t currently managing any active grants now. Or maybe your organization…

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Guide to Emergency Federal
Grants During Crisis

Winning a competitive government grant can dramatically increase an organization’s capacity to fulfill its mission. A major grant from a local, state, or federal government has the potential to transform an organization’s annual budget and bring heightened credibility that can help secure new partnerships and additional grants from other sources. The prospect of an influx…

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Emergency Grant Seeking: Engaging Grant Makers in the COVID-19 Crisis

Originally published on Foundant The nonprofit sector is struggling through the uncertainty and upheaval of the COVID-19 crisis. Social distancing and “shelter in place” decrees have forced the cancelation of fundraising events and programming. Many organizations are facing staff furloughs and even complete operational shut-downs.  These certainly do feel like dark times. But like a…

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20+ Top Fundraising Consultants | Standout Firms for 2020

Explore our comprehensive list of top fundraising consultants.

How can your organization more quickly and confidently reach its fundraising goals? By enlisting an experienced fundraising consultant who can guide your team to pursue new approaches and winning fundraising strategies. What’s key is choosing a consultant who has a proven track record and specialized expertise to fill your organization’s most urgent gaps. We have…

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What’s a Donor-Advised Fund? Understanding the Essentials

Learn how donor advised funds can improve your fundraising strategy.

Over the past decade, nonprofit fundraising has been rapidly transformed by new ways to give. In particular, donor-advised funds have soared as a popular way for generous donors to support nonprofits of all sizes, creating an opportunity for nonprofits to boost revenues. Conceived by community foundations decades ago, today donor-advised funds (DAFs) are one of…

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Nonprofit Grant Writing: How to Secure Grants for Your Cause

Explore these actionable nonprofit grant writing tips.

Nonprofit grant writing is a vital part of any smart and healthy fundraising strategy. However, before we jump into the fine details of successfully writing grant proposals, let’s review exactly what it is.  Grant writing is the process of applying for funding provided by a private, corporate, or government grantmaker. To acquire a grant, you…

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Dos and Don’ts to Hit the Grants Bullseye

Every grant application has an opportunity cost: the time and effort to pursue this grant could have been spent elsewhere. This makes it crucial to focus your available time and effort on the most promising grant possibilities for your organization. Follow our dos and don’ts to improve your aim at the grants bullseye: DO weigh…

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Breaking the news: Telling grant funders the executive director is leaving

We are in a season of change across the nonprofit landscape. Numerous reports and studies have predicted a sector-wide shift in leadership that is now actively unfolding. Nonprofit executives of the baby boomer generation are steadily retiring and a new pipeline of leaders is stepping up. Add to this context troubling indicators of nonprofit CEO…

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Go Beyond the RFP: What You May Not Know About Federal Grants

Successfully competing for federal grants is about more than following the application instructions. The formal Request for Proposals (RFP) usually tells only part of the story. Savvy federal grant seekers know to seek out the broader context about a federal funding opportunity in order to assess their organization’s competitiveness and prepare the most complete and…

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