Staffing gap got your grants program down?

A change in staffing could slow down your grants program. Let us bridge the gap so you don't miss a step—or a deadline.

We are experts at filling in during a temporary leave or permanent transition in the grants department. We offer flexible plans to span the length of your staffing transition and keep the grants program going at full speed.

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The bridges we help organizations cross:

Someone's Having a Baby

Don't put the grants program on pause during a period of parental leave. Our team will temporarily fill in to make sure plans are carried out until mom or dad returns.

Grant Writer Quit Yesterday

The unexpected happens. We can jump in to pick up where your former grants program left off and keep the grants train going until your new staff person is in place.

Hiring Takes a Long Time

It can take a while to recruit and onboard an exceptional new grants professional. Don't rush. We can flex to extend our services if you find you need more time to hire.

Leaders Come, Leaders Go

A change in executive leadership requires a plan for funder relations. We will devise a grant strategy and help you work a leadership transition to your organization's advantage.

The ways we bridge staffing transitions:

Quickly Get Up To Speed

We are experts at quickly learning your process and mastering how to write in your voice.

Keep Staff
on Track

We will guide staff through the grants process and coordinate steps and approvals across departments.

Manage Grants Calendar

We will take on responsibility for charting grant deadlines so you don't miss a funding opportunity.

Grant Writing & Strategy

We will advise you on a grant strategy and write and submit grant applications and reports on your behalf.

Onboard Your New Hire

We can orient the grants professional you hire by transferring knowledge of systems and process.

How We Bridge the Gap

Assess your organization's needs and recommend a customized plan.

Take over responsibility for managing grant deadlines and process.

Advise and coach staff on steps to strengthen funder relationships.

Submit high-quality, competitive grant proposals and reports on time.

Assist with hiring and onboarding new grants staff.

Some of the Organizations We've Helped Bridge the Gap


We ensured a seamless transition by taking the reins from the outgoing grants manager and onboarding the new grants manager.

Institute of Art

We served as the grants team for an extended period until an excellent new grants manager was hired.

Southwest Ohio

After an unexpected staff change, we jumped in to support the Executive Director and manage the grants process.

West Side
Catholic Center

Our team provided consistent, dependable support during a time of significant organizational and staffing changes.

Legal Services

As the organization approached a staffing change, they brought on Grants Plus to handle high-priority grant deadlines.

Can We Help You Bridge a Gap?

Case Study: Akron Art Museum


When Akron Art Museum learned its grants manager was departing for a new opportunity, Director of Advancement Bryan de Boer had a challenge to solve: how would they keep up with a busy grants calendar until a new staff person was hired?

He called on Grants Plus to bridge the gap. Right away, Grants Plus team member Kari Elsila came on-site to meet with the outgoing grants manager, learn her systems, and take stock of funder relationships and timelines. This overlap ensured Kari was able to maintain consistency and meet immediate deadlines.

During the months Kari filled in as the museum's grants manager, she advised staff leaders on funder strategy and relationship building, gathered programmatic details from museum staff, prepared grant proposals and reports and submitted them to funders, and logged submissions in the museum's grants tracking system.

It was five months before Bryan found and hired a new staff person to take leadership of the grants program. The new grants manager benefited from several weeks of mentoring and orientation from Kari. “Having a period of overlap was so valuable to bring her up to speed," Kari explains. "Together we made sure she was ready to take over the grants program with confidence."