Staffing gap got your grants program down?

A change in staffing could slow down your grants program. Let us bridge the gap so you don't miss a step—or a deadline.

If your in-house grant writer leaves, don't slow down while you seek to hire a grant writer. Bring on Grants Plus to "bridge the gap." We are experts at serving as a temporary grant writer to fill in during a short-term leave or permanent transition in the grants department. We offer flexible plans to span the length of your staffing transition and keep the grants program going at full speed.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati (BGCGC) called on Grants Plus in 2019 to fill a short-term staffing gap on their fund development team. Our team jumped in to keep the grants program going and make sure no grant proposals or reports fell through the cracks. This temporary partnership was so successful that we have stayed on with BGCGC in a Partner Plan as their full-service grants team. By the end of 2019, their grants program grew and BGCGC achieved a 2,235% return on their investment in our services.

The COVID crisis threatened to make 2020 a financially difficult year, but by guiding the BGCGC leadership team to maintain their relationships with funders, and pursue a smart and nimble grant seeking plan through the pandemic, they ended the year with revenues more than $660,000 over budget. Austin Schiff, Vice President of Development, credited his Grants Plus team for enabling them to end the year so strong. “Our fundraising success in 2020 would not have been possible without Grants Plus,” Austin says. “I am feeling more and more confident each day about our message and strategy.”

We offer more than a single freelance grant writer can. Our full-service team has the capacity to steady the grants effort and even onboard your permanent staff replacement. Some nonprofits even decide not to re-hire a full-time position, and instead choose to keep working with Grants Plus as an effective fractional grant writer.

The bridges we help organizations cross

Someone's Having a Baby

Don't put the grants program on pause during a period of parental leave. Our team will temporarily fill in to make sure plans are carried out until mom or dad returns.

Leaders Come, Leaders Go

A change in executive leadership requires a plan for funder relations. We will devise a grant strategy and help you work a leadership transition to your organization's advantage.

Grant Writer Quit Yesterday

The unexpected happens. We can jump in to pick up where your former grants program left off and keep the grants train going until your new staff person is in place.

Hiring Takes a Long Time

It can take a while to recruit and onboard an exceptional new grants professional. Don't rush. We can flex to extend our services if you find you need more time to hire.

How We Bridge the Gap

Assess your organization's needs and recommend a customized plan.

We are experts at quickly learning your process and mastering how to write in your voice.

Take over responsibility for managing grant deadlines and processes.

We will take on responsibility for charting grant deadlines so you don't miss a funding opportunity.

Advise and coach staff on steps to strengthen funder relationships.

We will guide staff through the grants process and coordinate steps and approvals across departments.

Submit high-quality, competitive grant proposals and reports on time.

We will advise you on a grant strategy and write and submit grant applications and reports on your behalf.

Assist with hiring and onboarding new grant staff.

We can orient the grants professional you hire by transferring knowledge of systems and process.

Can We Help You Bridge a Gap?

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