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Date: Thursday, February 11, 2021
12 – 1 PM ES
T/ 9 – 10 AM PST
Topic: The New Year may bring many of the same challenges that nonprofit fundraisers faced in 2020: strict social distancing, an upended economy, greater demand for services, and higher costs to deliver them. But this year, we can be prepared and proactive to meet these hurdles head on. This interactive session hosted by KeyBank and Grants Plus will position organizational leaders to diversify their prospect pipelines and achieve their revenue goals, even in a year when gifts and grants will be more competitive than ever. Join us to learn from a panel of fundraising experts about how to deploy new strategies to find funders, create community, and nurture fruitful relationships with board members, donors, and grant makers in new ways and spaces—especially online.

Date: Tuesday, January 19
Time: 12 – 1 PM EST/ 9 – 10 AM PST
Topic: This webinar will explore the importance of telling a new story to grant funders in order to be competitive in a crowded grants marketplace in 2021. The experts at Grants Plus will share strategies that will prepare nonprofit leaders to convey their relevance in the midst of the continuing pandemic; to center the voices and stories of those they serve; and to anticipate changing funder expectations related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Date: Part 1: Thursday, January 14 &  Part 2: Thursday, January 21
Time: 11 AM EST/8 AM PST
Topic: Join Akron Community Foundation and Grants Plus on Jan. 14 & 21 for our two-part nonprofit training webinar series.

Part 1:  Avoid Common Mistakes (or How to Not Get Funded)Nonprofit grant seekers can improve their chances of winning a grant in what may be a more competitive 2021 by avoiding the biggest mistakes that irk grant makers. Participants will learn to avoid these mistakes and learn what to do instead!

Part 2: Sustain Your Funding Pipeline in 2021 & BeyondThe savviest grant seeking organizations create a multi-year grants strategy that looks beyond immediate budget relief. In this session, you will learn how to think beyond a next-deadline mindset and integrate grants into funding goals beyond the annual horizon, create a long-term pipeline and build relationships with funders.

Webinar Recording

November 2020

Grant Writing in the New Normal: Rewriting Your Nonprofit’s Story for 2021

As we approach the New Year, how can you tell a story to grant makers that your organization and its work is relevant, urgent, and worthy of investment? Learn how to refresh your grant proposals to reflect a new normal and be competitive to win funding in 2021.

October 2020

Check Your Labels: Race, Identity, and Power in Grant Writing

How do the labels we choose either empower or disempower the individuals and groups our institutions serve? Explore how using equitable language can uplift your grant writing—and each other.

September 2020

Grant Research Essentials: Efficiently Finding Your New Funders

Be ready to replace lost funding by discovering new potential grant funders. Take a lesson from our professional grant researchers on how to find the right funders for the right ask, right now.

August 2020

Reporting on Grant Outcomes in the New Normal

Most funders expect grantees to report on their activities and outcomes—but what if COVID upended your plans? Learn tips for developing reports that show you advanced your mission and your funders' priorities, even in the midst of change.

July 2020

You Applied for Emergency COVID-19 Funding…Now What​​​​​?

If your organization applied for grant funding for COVID related expenses, don’t stop there! We will share how to nurture relationships and convert those funders into lasting partners.

July 2020

Securing Racial Justice Grants

Foundations are making grants to address systemic racism and injustice. Learn what funders are funding and how your organization can make the most compelling case for your work to advance racial equity.

June 2020

Transformed by Crisis Grant Funding for Mergers, Restructures, and Closures Recording

To survive the COVID crisis, some organizations have restructured, merged, or closed altogether. Maggie Martinelli from the Scranton Area Community Foundation joins us to discuss how to present major structural changes to funders in a way that can recruit buy-in and financial support.

June 2020

Your COVID-Altered Budget: What Funders Need to Know

Virtually every organization has been financially impacted by the COVID crisis and will feel lasting repercussions. Find out how to present your financial picture to funders in a way that builds trust and confidence, and leads to better funding outcomes.

May 2020

Growing a Post-Pandemic Grants Prospect Pipeline

As grants become more competitive, organizations shouldn’t take their existing funders for granted. Apply these strategies and techniques to develop a pipeline of prospective funders and plant the seeds that can grow into grants tomorrow.

April 2020

Emergency Grants From Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) are a powerful potential source of emergency grants for your organization. Join Grants Plus and a Donor Services Officer from The Columbus Foundation to discuss how nonprofit leaders can make the most of grants from donor-advised funds, now and after the COVID-19 crisis.

April 2020

Emergency Federal Grants for Nonprofits During Crisis

Federal and state agencies are distributing billions of dollars in federal crisis grants. Learn how your organization can be ready and competitive to win emergency federal funding.

April 2020

Crisis Grant Seeking for Nonprofits Not on the Frontlines

Foundations have rushed emergency funds to organizations combating the COVID crisis, but where has that left arts agencies, museums, environmental groups, and other organizations that don’t provide emergency services? Learn from our grants experts how to protect grant funding during uncertain times.

April 2020

Communicating With Funders During the COVID Crisis

When times get tough, don’t stop communicating with grant funders! Learn what funders need and want to hear from your organization in order to keep your relationships and funding going strong.

March 2020

Grant Seeking During the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis is creating unprecedented disruptions and uncertainty among nonprofits and funders alike, but now is not the time to stop or even pause your grant seeking efforts. Here are actions that grant seekers must take now to address the strain of the immediate crisis while still protecting and even expanding long-term funding gains.

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