Visuals to Consider

Sometimes a visual can be more powerful than words alone. Consider incorporating some of these visual elements into your communication and cultivation efforts with grant funders.

Annual Reports

annual report visual image

Help a funder feel confident about their return on investment by sharing materials that showcase the organization's achievements over time.



Tell a story to funders who are digital natives or visual learners that is informative, quick, and easy to digest.

Program Materials

Program Invitation

Show appreciation to a funder who doesn't prefer anonymity by noting the foundation's name and role when possible.



Provide context for a funder about your revenue mix by showcasing your organization's financial picture.


Organizational pamphlet

Send a funder organizational information and materials to help familiarize them with your mission and priorities.

Participant Photos

participant photos

Make a human connection for funders by sharing photos of your programs or participants. Show your mission in action!

Including visuals will not only foster strong communications, familiarity, and trust, but it will also make future requests more comfortable and viable, paving the road to continued success.