Go beyond grants to grow the confidence and capacity of nonprofits in your community.

Community foundations are in position to empower and equip their nonprofit partners to be successful. Enlist Grants Plus to deliver a dynamic educational training or interactive webinar that prepares your grantees to build and pursue a diversified grant seeking strategy.

A transformational day of learning from the leading experts in grant seeking.

Based on our engagement with many hundreds of nonprofit organizations and their local community foundations, we have honed three key components for a high-impact, interactive day of learning and skill building:

Morning Segment


Foundations of Relationship-Based Grant Seeking


Organizations often struggle to gain traction with new funders because they overlook the importance of what must come before writing the grant proposal: developing trust and relationships with grant makers. Our morning session will lay the groundwork for grant seeking success by teaching participants how to open doors and warm up opportunities with the funders their organizations are best suited to pursue.

What participants will gain

Participants will gain skills and knowledge that prepare them to:

  • Find funders: They'll learn techniques for identifying new funding opportunities and gain realistic insights into their community's specific grant seeking context, based on our assessment of the local grant funding landscape.
  • Maximize their efforts: Through hands-on exercise, participants will practice evaluating the strength of their organizations' fit with funders' guidelines and priorities, so they can make the most of their limited time for grant seeking.
  • Build better relationships: Participants will learn techniques and principles for taking the right steps with the right funders at the right times, including:
    • Making a meaningful first-time connection with a new grant funder.
    • Successfully leading crucial conversations that make for a stronger grant application.
    • Developing trust after submitting the proposal, including what to do after receiving a decline.

Mid-Day Segment


"Ask the Expert" Speed Coaching Sessions


In between training sessions, we will provide attendees with private coaching sessions with a Grants Plus expert. These 1:1 consultations will help participants personalize the training experience and immediately apply the content they've learned. Our Grants Plus coaches are empathetic listeners and proactive problem solvers. We'll help participants tackle their most pressing grant seeking challenges, from surmounting funder relationship hurdles to improving a draft grant application, and emerge with clear steps they can put into action.


Speed coaching sessions are ideal to come between the morning and afternoon sessions. We will work with you to integrate the coaching sessions into the agenda, whether they fall during lunch or over an extended break. We can coordinate a process to invite participants to sign up for a coaching appointment in advance.

Afternoon Segment


Deep Dive into Advanced Grant Seeking Topics


With a foundation of relationship-based grant seeking under their feet, participants will be ready to dive into deeper waters. We have honed interactive learning sessions on "next level" topics in grant seeking that equip participants with the skill and confidence to drive their grant seeking strategies forward. We will collaborate with you to plan an afternoon segment on one or more of our suggested topics or we can create a customized session at your request.


We can customize the afternoon session to the specific needs and interests of your grantees or build around one of these popular themes:

  • Ensure a Match: Pre-Writing Techniques to Align Programs to Funder Priorities
  • Write from the Heart: Using Compelling Stories to Craft Winning Proposals
  • Go Beyond Private Grants: Finding, Evaluating, and Competing for Federal Opportunities
  • Grow a Culture of Philanthropy: Engaging Executive Leaders, Board Members, and Program Staff in Grant Seeking

"The Grants Plus team truly helped nonprofits get to a new level of comfort with grant writing. We are continually looking for ways to be better partners to our nonprofit community, while sticking true to our mission of making transformational grants. The presentation today helped us do that on a much deeper level."

Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer

"This workshop gave new insight and a refreshing approach to creating winning grant proposals! The room was buzzing as participants shared how beneficial it was and 100% rated it completely worthwhile!"

Lori Wiebe

"You facilitated a terrific combination of knowledge and small group work, and had everyone discussing and asking great questions."

Ann Kent

"Over the years, the knowledgeable members of the Grants Plus team have been amazing resources to Akron Community Foundation and our nonprofit partners. This includes the virtual training we co-hosted together that provided attendees with useful and current information for grant seeking. We value our partnership with Grants Plus and will continue counting on them in the future."

John Garofalo

By giving grantees the opportunity to learn and practice techniques for finding and pursuing new funding opportunities, you'll prepare them to be more resourceful, strategic, and successful at fulfilling their missions.

Impact the nonprofits in your community by hosting a Grants Plus training.