At Grants Plus, we understand how to guide nonprofit executive directors and development directors to be successful at building relationships with funders and growing grant revenues for their organizations. Whether or not you choose to become a client, we are here to lend our expertise! Read on to access our downloadable guides, useful articles, and featured webinars.

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Federal Economic Recovery Funds

Federal economic recovery packages like the American Rescue Plan can create a wealth of new grant seeking opportunities for nonprofits. What do they mean for your nonprofit? Are there new opportunities to receive funding to support your organization's work? We've compiled the most important takeaways for nonprofits.


Articles & Guides

We've condensed the most important trends and techniques for grant seeking into our free articles and downloadable guides.

Whether you are the executive director steering the course of your organization, the development director deciding how to resource the grants program, or the grant writer preparing a proposal, you'll find what you need to feel smarter and be more successful.

Executive Decisions: Staffing the Grants Program

Grants Plus Guide: Bridge the Gap: Protect the Grants Program During a Staffing Transition

25 Top Fundraising Consultants: Standout Firms for Any Need

Hiring a Grants Consultant: FAQ & Qualities to Look For

Funder Relationship Building

Grants Plus Guide: Making a Connection with the First Call

Grants Plus Guide: Boosting Donor & Funder Relationships

Restoring Trust with Grant Funders

Grant Seeking Strategy + Revenue Expansion

How to Win Grants: Five Steps for Successful Grant Seeking at Nonprofits

Navigating Grant Seeking Staff Shortages

Hiring a Grants Consultant: FAQ & Qualities to Look For

Donor Advised Funds

What’s a Donor-Advised Fund? Understanding the Essentials

Donor Advised Funds and Other New Routes to Funding

Grants from Donor Advised Funds Since the COVID-19 Crisis: What Nonprofits Should Know

Position Your Organization for Federal Grants

How Nonprofits Can Manage Grant Strategy During A Government Shutdown

Expert Tips for Winning Your Next Federal Grant

Should Your Nonprofit Go for a Government Grant?

Finding Funding Opportunities

How to Find Grant Opportunities Your Nonprofit Can Win

Getting Started: Guidance for First-Time Grant Seekers

How to Win Grants: Five Steps for Successful Grant Seeking at Nonprofits

Nonprofit Grant Writing: How to Secure Grants for Your Cause

Nonprofit Grant Management: Learning the Essentials

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