Client Spotlight: Recovery Resources

Recovery Resources is a leading provider of mental health and addiction services in Northeast Ohio. Since 2007, the organization has called on Grants Plus to supplement their in-house development staff with expert grant writing and prospect research assistance.

Most recently, Recovery Resources engaged Grants Plus to manage production of a complex and time-sensitive federal grant opportunity. “We had about three weeks to complete a grant proposal that required a significant amount of planning, partnerships, and writing. We knew we could handle the planning and partnerships, but we really needed someone to champion the writing piece,” said Megan Kleidon, then the organization’s Interim President/CEO.

“I was impressed with how quickly Grants Plus got up to speed,” Melanie said of the crunched process. “The Grants Plus team did a great job pulling our proposal together, writing a compelling narrative, and holding us all to task so that we could submit it on time. We could not have accomplished this task without them!”

Everyone involved in this grants endeavor was excited to celebrate victory when the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration granted Recovery Resources an award of $1.6 million. As a result, Recovery Resources has been able to evolve its service delivery model to one of integrated on-site primary health care and better meet the needs of the community. +


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