Gain a full-service grant writing team to drive your grants program

How can you reach the heights of your organization's grant seeking potential? By engaging with Grants Plus in a Partner Plan. Month after month, year after year, experienced nonprofit leaders count on Grants Plus to be their full-service grant writing team.

Partner Plan

Gain the confidence and competitive edge that comes with pursuing grants with a strategic team of grant writing partners. By beginning a Partner Plan with Grants Plus, you'll be matched with a team of our grants consultants. We will guide you to make the right moves with the right funders, so that you can grow your grant revenues over time.

Grow your grants program by engaging Grants Plus as your external grant writing team. After one year of partnering with Grants Plus, our Partner Plan clients experience an average return of 500% their investment in our services. This success is a result of our deep expertise, our relationship-based philosophy of grant seeking, and the strategic methodology of our Partner Plan.

Over a 12-month Partner Plan engagement, we will:

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Review your current grant funders and research new funding possibilities to hone a grants game plan of the funders that merit your focus and attention.

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Lead a regular Grant Strategy Session to review progress, confirm upcoming priorities, and advise you on relationship moves to make with grant funders.

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As our relationship strategies gain a positive response from funders, we will prepare compelling grant proposals and submit on your organization's behalf.

Are You Ready for a Partner Plan?

Our partners are experienced Executive Directors and Development Directors of established nonprofit organizations. 


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Our Partner Plan is best suited for organizations that can demonstrate these characteristics:

Status as an established organization in operation for at least three years.


An annual operating budget of at least $1 million, evidence of a financial audit, and prior experience with fundraising.


A staff person, usually the Executive Director or Development Director, who will devote time and focus to nurturing funder relationships with our support.

Organizations with Experience Winning Grants


Child Bridge is a human services organization that serves foster and adoptive families in Montana. Over a 12-month partnership, Child Bridge realized a 981% return on their investment. Our team started by researching grant funders to identify the strongest matches for Child Bridge, its mission, and programs. Then we designed a cultivation plan and steadily guided the Child Bridge team to make purposeful and strategic contact with the right funders at the right times.

Over our partnership, we managed a robust grants calendar and crafted compelling grant proposals to 20 grant funders. Our efforts resulted in $713,000 in grant funding for Child Bridge. In particular, we helped Child Bridge increase awards from previous funders by 113% over the previous year.

Some of the highlights and benefits the Child Bridge team says they experienced in their partnership with Grants Plus:

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  • The opportunity to learn how to approach grant funders with smart cultivation
  • The sense that they were better prepared to be successful with funders
  • The creation of a grant seeking infrastructure and process they can count on moving forward
  • The exceptional professionalism, effectiveness, and efficiency of the Grants Plus team
  • The value of our work product, especially focused, tailored, and thorough grant proposals

"Grants Plus helped prepare us for the future and set up a grants infrastructure that we can count on moving forward."

Mary Bryan, Founder




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