Let's find your grant funders.

Through our targeted funder research process, our grant research experts will identify and recommend the most likely grant funding opportunities for your organization. With our research complete, you'll be ready to start hitting the grants bullseye instead of just throwing darts.

Miami University


Grants Plus accomplished grant prospect research for Miami University, a nationally ranked public four-year university. Our team examined an initial prospect pool of 1,800 funders. We disqualified many hundreds of funders that we deemed unlikely to yield funding. We identified 75 funding opportunities as strong prospects, including 30 major national funders, based on close alignment to the university’s priorities. Our results have helped motivate a shift to more ambitious, coordinated, and focused grant seeking. Using our recommendations, within six months the Miami University team gained relationship traction and new funding that represented a five-fold return on the university’s investment in our services.

As we work to elevate foundation relations as a university priority, Grants Plus provided us an invaluable starting point. In talking through our priorities and interviewing administrators and faculty on campus, Grants Plus was able to provide a tiered list of foundation funders with alignments to the work being done on campus. That list has served as a strategic springboard, focusing the efforts of our team, creating new conversations with campus partners and offering some early wins for our team.

Ryan Elias, Associate VP of Corporate and Foundation Relations

We will deliver an actionable grants game plan that you can immediately use to pursue grant funders more confidently and successfully.

An inside look at our proven process:

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Kicking off

We will start by learning from you about your priority funding needs and your recent awards and declines. This assessment will enable us to design a customized research plan to uncover the best funders for you. 

Discover your funders

We will cast a wide net to find prospective funders, using tax filings, funder publications, paid databases, and our team’s collective knowledge. We can also review your current and lapsed funders to identify more funding potential.

Deliver your results

We'll deliver our expert observations and insights about your grant seeking potential. As a result of our recommendations, you will know the most likely funders you should approach, when, and for what purposes.

Are you interested?

What will be possible with grant prospect research from Grants Plus?

With the results of our grant prospect research in hand, your team will be able to contact grant makers and plan your grant approaches in an optimized and strategic order.


We explain the rationale behind why we've identified each funder as a prospect for your organization, including mission fit, granting capacity, and other matching factors.


You'll know who makes the funding decisions as well as which organizations a grant maker has funded before. We will provide a board list for each funder and a sample list of past grants.


Success comes by building relationships with funders over time. You'll know your top-priority grant prospects so you can plan which funders to pursue when.


We are experts at deciphering the grant making history of funders to predict what they may fund in the future. We will determine a precise ask amount that is appropriate for each funder.


We will describe how we arrived at our results, so you can be confident that our research process was thorough and strategic.

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“Grants Plus’s Funding Scan identified a targeted list of potential funders for La Salle University’s School of Arts & Sciences, connecting us with the funders who can support the student experience and the quality and rigor of our academic programs. The Funding Scan was just what we needed to kick-start our grant seeking efforts, and we are more active with grant writing than ever.”

Dr. Pamela E. Barnett PhD, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

La Salle University

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