Equitable Language Resources

No matter your organization’s mission or purpose, we all have an opportunity and responsibility to be on the side of striving for justice and opposing systemic forms of abuse, inequity, and oppression. This work can start with a commitment to use equitable language in our grant proposals and other donor communications that empowers, rather than disempowers, the people and groups our organizations engage and serve.

Grants Plus Guide to Equitable Language

Download five suggestions from Grants Plus for deploying equitable language in your grant proposals and other organizational materials. 

Guide to Equitable Language Image

Other Equitable Language Resources

Explore a variety of guides from across the social good sector for deploying inclusive and equitable language.


More Than Numbers: A Guide Toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Data Collection


American Psychological Association: Bias-Free Language Guide


ADA National Network: Guidelines for Writing About People with Disabilities 


A Progressive's Style Guide



GLAAD: An Ally's Guide to Terminology


The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies: Inclusive Language Guide


Shelterforce: Guide to Racially Loaded Community Planning and Development Terms

Other Resources

The Racial Equity Institute

REI's Groundwater training provides training that helps individuals and organizations identify structural racism.

Harvard University's Project Implicit

Project Implicit provides a variety of tests that allow individuals to assess their own internal biases on race, gender, age, and other factors. Recognizing one's own biases can be a first step toward addressing them personally and in our work.

Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity

The Initiative's Grantmaking With a Racial Justice Lens guide provides useful tools for funders that are interested in implementing structural changes that lead to racial equity.

Philanthropy Ohio's Putting Racism on the Table Series

This series helps philanthropists (including foundations) explore the role they can play in addressing racial inequity.

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