Emergency Grant Funding for Nonprofits

To remain stable and strong, nonprofits must shift to a different fundraising mindset: from one of crisis in 2020 to one of resilience and recovery in 2021. As the nation's experts in nonprofit grant seeking, the team at Grants Plus is continuously updating our emergency grant seeking resources to help nonprofit leaders continue seeking grants, more ambitiously and strategically than ever.

Grants Plus Guide to Grant Seeking During Crisis

History shows that foundations step up, not back, during the most difficult times. If you are concerned about your nonprofit’s ability to weather a storm, make seeking grants a high priority. Click to view our Grants Plus Guide to Grant Seeking During Crisis.

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Federal Emergency Grants

As of early 2021, a new round of federal funds will be dispersed to nonprofit organizations in the form of emergency grants and loans.

Fed Emergency Grants

Guide to Emergency Federal Grants During Crisis

Our Grants Plus Guide to Federal Grants During Crisis includes detailed information and advice to help organizations compete successfully for emergency federal grants, including:

  • What to Know About Emergency Federal Grants in 2021
  • How to Prepare to Apply for Emergency Federal Grants
  • Why to Communicate Directly with Federal Funding Agencies 

Should Your Nonprofit Go for a Government Grant?

Is your nonprofit ready to sink or swim in the federal grant seeking pool? Use the following criteria to audit your organization’s readiness to compete.


Crisis Grant Seeking Webinar Series

Through the challenges of the past year, the Grants Plus team has presented a series of webinars on all aspects of emergency grant seeking. Click below to view our archive of rich, informative webinar recordings, where you will gain access to techniques and tips for proactively finding and pursuing grants for your nonprofit organization during and beyond crisis. We welcome you to register for the upcoming webinar in our dynamic series!

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Emergency Steps for New Grant Seekers

During times of crisis, what fundamental steps can nonprofit leaders take to find emergency grants and approach grant makers for new funding? Especially if your nonprofit is an established organization that is new to grant seeking, follow our advice to get a smart start on the road to winning grants.


Podcast Feature

LaurenSteiner1pGrants Plus Founder Featured on the SgENGAGE Podcast

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the funding landscape in significant, and perhaps lasting, ways. Listen in for a discussion of grant seeking trends and transformation featuring Grants Plus Founder + President Lauren Steiner and BlackBaud Vice President Rachel Hutchisson.


Click here to listen to the SgENGAGE Podcast.

Emergency Grants from Donor-Advised Funds

During and after a crisis, don't overlook grants from Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs). DAFs may be a potential source of emergency grants for your organization. That’s because experience shows that during economic downturns, giving through DAFs remains strong. 

Find helpful advice in our Guide to Seeking Emergency Grants from Donor-Advised Funds. You may also watch our webinar recording featuring insights from a Donor Services Officer from The Columbus Foundation about making the most of grants from donor-advised funds.

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