Hiring a Grants Consultant: FAQ & Qualities to Look For

Hiring a grants consultant? Here's what to look for.

Outsourcing the time-consuming work of grant writing to a grant writing consultant can be a wise investment. That’s because the most valuable place for your leadership team and development staff is not behind a desk, but in front of funders to cultivate relationships. Plus, an external grant writer can provide dedicated focus to propel a…

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25 Top Fundraising Consultants: Standout Firms for Any Need

Explore Grants Plus’s comprehensive list of top fundraising consultants and fundraising consulting firms.

How can your organization more quickly and confidently reach its fundraising goals? By enlisting an experienced fundraising consultant or fundraising consultant firm who can guide your team to pursue new approaches and winning fundraising strategies. What’s key is choosing a consultant who has a proven track record and specialized expertise to fill your organization’s most…

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Grants Plus Guide: Finding grant opportunities you can win

Focus on the grant opportunities you stand the best chance to win. Every grant opportunity comes with a cost of time and resources to cultivate the funder and prepare the grant application. For this reason, it’s important to carefully read the signs and signals that will help you prioritize the grant opportunities you are more…

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Dos and Don’ts to Hit the Grants Bullseye

Every grant application has an opportunity cost: the time and effort to pursue this grant could have been spent elsewhere. This makes it crucial to focus your available time and effort on the most promising grant possibilities for your organization. Follow our dos and don’ts to improve your aim at the grants bullseye: DO weigh…

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How to Find Grant Opportunities Your Nonprofit Can Win

“There must be more grant funding out there for my organization!” It’s a frequent feeling among nonprofit leaders: the gnawing anxiety that they are missing out on grants. Fortunately, there’s a cure. Following is our prescription to ensure your grants program is on track and that you’re taking full advantage of grant opportunities for your…

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