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The Ohio Department of Education will soon release details of Ohio’s FY2024 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) funding opportunity. While FY2024 requirements are not yet available, we expect applications will be due as early as May 2023.

At Grants Plus, we have a proven track record of helping youth-serving organizations in Ohio win 21st Century funds. We have helped our clients secure a total of $4.4 million in 21st Century funds from the Ohio Department of Education, including Boys & Girls Clubs, community development agencies, and public school districts.

Millions of dollars will be awarded this year to youth-serving organizations in Ohio. Is your organization ready to apply? Let our team support your team to submit a complete and compelling 21st Century grant application.

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21st Century Grant FAQs

Suggested Timeline for Submitting a Successful 21st Century Grant Application to the Ohio Department of Education

Who are eligible applicants?

21st Century grants are awarded to youth-serving entities, including nonprofit organizations and public school districts. Projects must include a partnership between a local education agency and at least one community-based organization and must serve students who attend schools with a 40% or greater poverty percentage.

What are eligible projects?

Funds will support out-of-school time learning opportunities and related activities for students who attend eligible schools. Recent flexibility from the U.S. Department of Education allows 21st CCLC funds to be used for expanded learning time programming during the school day, week, or year in addition to out-of-school time.

How much is the funding potential?

In the last funding cycle, the Ohio Department of Education administered $10,396,400 in funds across 52 new grants and $27,180,789 across 184 continuation grants. Details about funds available in the upcoming FY24 cycle are expected soon.

When are applications due?

Due dates for the Ohio Department of Education’s FY24 grant program have not yet been announced. Based on last year, we anticipate that the application portal may open in April and that applications may be due in late May. Because of the extensive requirements of this application, we suggest getting ready now!

Why should I partner with Grants Plus?

Our team has 15 years of experience securing more than $250 million in grant funding for Ohio-based organizations. We have an extensive track record helping youth-serving agencies to win government grants, including Boys & Girls Clubs, community development agencies, and public school districts. We will manage the entire application development process, to help you plan, develop, and submit a complete and compelling 21st Century application.

The Grants Plus Process



Our starting point is a project plan. We will carefully review the FY24 Request for Application for 21st Century Community Learning Center Funding, create a timeline of key deadlines, and identify project details, attachments, and budget information required for the application package.


We will craft compelling narrative that completely answers the application's prompts, accurately describes your project, and aligns to the funder's expectations and requirements. In addition, we will assist in gathering or creating required attachments.


Once you've reviewed our finished draft we will incorporate any edits and finalize the application. If you prefer we handle submission on your behalf, we will upload all components of the application and submit through the CCIP system.

We have helped youth-serving organizations secure $4.4 million in 21st Century funds from the Ohio Department of Education. Highlights of the 21st Century grants we have helped Ohio applicants secure include:

$850,000 for an Ohio Boys & Girls Club to deliver out-of-school time programming at a local club


$850,000 for an Ohio public school district to provide after-school programming


$850,000 for an Ohio public school district to deliver out-of-school time learning opportunities


$490,000 for an Ohio Boys & Girls Club to provide after-school programming at a local middle school


$172,308 for an Ohio neighborhood organization to deliver after-school programming for local students



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“Having Grants Plus improve our 21st Century application meant the difference between a decline last year and a $200,000 grant through the same funding program this year. Not only did they provide meaningful edits but they boosted our own ability and confidence to put together an excellent proposal.”

Earl Pike, Executive Director,
University Settlement

Contact Grants Plus to secure help from our 21st Century grant application experts!