Partners for the long haul

We have the experience to understand the challenges that keep organizations from meeting their grants goals and the expertise to help overcome these challenges and grow their grants successes over time.

Our philosophy at Grants Plus is simple: when we partner with a client organization, our team becomes their team.

We are the behind-the-scenes engine that powers an organization's grants effort, so its staff can focus on confidently stewarding better relationships with funders. Organizations that steadily work with Grants Plus are able to elevate their grants programs and make progress towards their grants goals. They gain the peace of mind and competitive advantage that comes with working with pragmatic experts who have the practice and perspective of having worked with hundreds of grant seekers and grant makers.

While we can’t guarantee that every prospect we identify will become a funder, or that every proposal we write will be funded, we can guarantee an excellent work product, a tailored approach that is grounded in best practices, and a professional and pleasant experience.

Funding Scan

Through our deep and targeted research process, our grant researchers will find all of the most likely grant prospects to fund your organization's key priorities. You will receive a comprehensive grants game plan so you can focus on pursuing the right funders, at the right times, for the right amounts and purposes.

Grant Writing

From start to finish, we will project manage the complex process of applying for a grant from a private, corporate, or government grant maker. We will enforce a detailed work plan, coordinate staff and partners, collect essential information, develop a competitive application package, and submit it to the funder on your organization's behalf.

Grant Proposal Review

You've taken the time to write a complex grant proposal. Before submitting, allow our team to make your application as competitive as possible. Our experts will review and score your draft against the funder's requirements to catch technical errors, suggest content edits, and provide recommendations you can use to improve the application before you submit.

Short-Term Grants Consulting

Even if your team is in flux, your grants program can stay steady. We are experts at stepping in to bridge the gap in a short-term staff transition, whether during a parental leave, position vacancy, or other change in the grants office. We will tend your grants calendar to make sure deadlines are met and funder relationships are properly stewarded.

Long-Term Grants Consulting

Let us be your reliable, full-service grants team. We will support every aspect of your long-term grants campaign, from building a targeted grants calendar, to advising you on funder strategy, to writing and submitting a pipeline of grant proposals and reports. This steady attention is more likely to result in stronger relationships with funders, more tailored grant requests, and a greater chance of success.

Training + Coaching

Whether online or in-person, our interactive training  and coaching programs teach practical skills and lasting best practices so organizations can succeed in grant seeking. We tailor our content to meet specific needs and to build the knowledge of staff and volunteers with varying levels of experience, including executive leaders, boards of directors, program staff, and fund development teams.

Bottom line, we “get" grants: we understand the grant seeking process, how to interpret the grant making patterns of funders, and what grant seekers can do to tip the grant winning odds in their favor.

Are you ready to talk about your grant seeking needs?

I’m so impressed with Grants Plus – both the quality of the grant writing and the expedience of the team. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your work until now, and I see now why so many people rave about you!

Tara Turner, Interim Chief Advancement Officer